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Submission Form for Map Gallery
This form is designed for submitting YOUR OWN Maps to our Map Gallery database. While our gallery primarily consists of Internally produced maps by various City departments, we still entertain all map submissions from External Organizations as well. Please follow the guidelines as set out in the form below when deciding upon your submission. As noted in the form, a member of GIS Services will contact you after your form has been submitted to finalize any necessary further details. We will arrange for file transfer/upload details at that time. Thank you for your continuing participation in using and submitting the maps that make up our Gallery. Enjoy the maps contained within as our map selection grows.

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Map Title:

Map Description:

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We will contact you later regarding upload/transfer of your file.

1. File Type - PDF preferred but links and other file extensions will also be accepted.
2. File Size -Map products will not be rejected based on file size, however we suggest that the size of file be kept under a 5MB limit for users with low bandwidth access.
3. Not for Profit - No commercial for profit maps will be allowed to be displayed.
4. Goal - While we welcome all submissions the goal of this gallery is to store only those maps/links directly related to City Of Hamilton business practices.

5. COPYRIGHT and SECURITY - All maps/links provided to GIS Services will become part of our FREE Map Gallery and will be viewable across the World Wide Web, so you may want to include copyright insignia, and/or security features built into your file. The City of Hamilton will not be responsible for any misuse of submissions provided. 


Your submission will be reviewed and you will be contacted regarding the entry.