e.g., "Gage Park" or "75 Balsam"
Tips and Tricks
Bird's Eye Viewer
Do you see what I see?


Hint One Hint Two
  1. The rotating interactive images displayed above are clips from our Spring 1999, Spring 2002 and Spring 2005 aerial photos air photos designed to puzzle you and get you thinking about the City which we call our own. Click the Arrow buttons to rotate through our complete Library images.
  2. Your task is to name the exact location within the City. If you need some help, place the mouse on HINT ONE for a basic hint and place the mouse again on HINT TWO if we still have you stumped.
  3. Ultimately, if we still have you scratching your head, and/or to reveal the correct location click Show me the ANSWER..
  4. A new page will open displaying the correct location name, address, or point of interest that you are looking at. You can then enter the live interactive GIS mapping site .
  5. From here, explore the GIS mapping site at your own pace.
  6. If you discover interesting locations worthy of featuring, please feel free to use the map link tool and send the location to GISServices@hamilton.ca
  7. Happy Mapping!