Like a regular mapper, only better!
You have three (3) options to view interactive maps. iMapper A provides simple map interaction functionality only, but will support most browsers. iMapper B and iMapper C require a plugin to be installed (links provided below) but will provide full map interaction functionality. While iMapper A will support most browsers, iMapper B is recommended for full map functionality. Please ensure Compatibility View is turned on for iMapper C with Internet Explorer 11 (Tools --> Compatibility View).

iMapper A Runs in most browsers and operating systems; Basic Mapping; Displays images only; No interaction availalble. iMapper B Runs best with Internet Explorer; Full interactive mapping. iMapper C Runs best in Internet Explorer; Full interactive mapping.
No Plugin Required Install Plugin: Java Plugin Install Plugin: ACGM

Map.Hamilton Compatibilty: Please note, Map.Hamilton uses "pop-up" browser windows. Some users block pop-up windows from opening on their screen by using tools within their web browser or by using third party "toolbar" add-on software. Please ensure pop-ups are not blocked on your particular browser.

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