The City of Hamilton is launching a new online mapping site to replace the old Find IT and iMapper applications. This mapping site will allow you to view general mapping features that you are familiar with including addresses, streets, city parks and aerial photography.

Note: The current iMapper is still available to use for a limited time. We will be phasing it out and it will be decommissioned later this year.

iMapper A Runs in most browsers and operating systems; Basic Mapping; Displays images only; No interaction availalble. iMapper B Runs best with Internet Explorer; Full interactive mapping. iMapper C Runs best in Internet Explorer; Full interactive mapping.
No Plugin Required Install Plugin: Java Plugin Install Plugin: ACGM
You have three (3) options to view interactive maps. iMapper A provides simple map interaction functionality only, but will support most browsers. iMapper B and iMapper C require a plugin to be installed (links provided below) but will provide full map interaction functionality. While iMapper A will support most browsers, iMapper B is recommended for full map functionality. Please ensure Compatibility View is turned on in Internet Explorer (Tools --> Compatibility View).

Map.Hamilton Compatibilty: Please note, Map.Hamilton uses "pop-up" browser windows. Some users block pop-up windows from opening on their screen by using tools within their web browser or by using third party "toolbar" add-on software. Please ensure pop-ups are not blocked on your particular browser.

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